Our philosophy

Our body is the “Temple of Good Health.”, which supports itself by majestic columns of Cleansing and Nutrition. The steps that lead to the temple are paved with:
  • exercise
  • sunshine
  • a positive mental attitude
  • clean water
  • clean air

TAC Campus

TAC campus is the result of a partnership between a group of experts in the care of the elderly which already operates assisted living facilities and nursing homes across Europe. The center consists of two components for our patients: he assisted living facility and the nursing home facility

Why Breaza?

Davos, due to similarity in air purity, generated by ozone high concentration in a condense ion negative ambiance, offering the full spectrum to support the “Temple of Good Health” philosophy. Breaza‘s air purification, a by-product of ozone oxidizing process, captivated the researchers interest.

About dementia

Demographers, gerontologists, health providers, and politicians, are all in agreement that the rate of dependent elderly in the general population will continue to rise. Currently, 17% of the entire European population is at retirement age, 3% are frail and/or demented, and 1.5% reside in nursing homes.