Why the city of Breaza?

Breaza, the place with the most pure air in Romania. | ProTV Romania | 2nd of June 2013

Is the Romanian clone to famous city of Davos, due to similarity in Air Purity, generated by OZONE high concentration in a condense Ion negative ambiance, offering the full spectrum to support the “Temple of Good Health” philosophy.

Breaza‘s air purification, a by-product of Ozone oxidizing process, captivated the researchers interest to extend the research in explaining the bond between Air Purity, longevity and attenuation of Cognitive Impairment in elderly suffering from dementia or Alzheimer.
Breaza, with its rich Ozone influence and an unique record in AQI (air quality index) , becomes the utmost natural environment to offer the researchers an optimal platform to observe in vivo the particularity of this phenomenon especially in the view of Stanford University latest founding identifying the hazard related to EP2, which blocks the microglia activity in controlling and governing the causes for the memory lost in Alzheimer as well as in other neurological pathology, either degenerative or infiamtotory.