Frequently Asked Questions

When do you need to consider assisted living?

  • You need more help than family and friends are able to provide
  • You feel lonely or isolated at home
  • You worry what might happen if you fell and couldn’t get up,
  • When you are tired of worrying of day to day routine activities & obligations
  • Have tripped and fallen too often lately
  • Are your children asking you again and again if you are depressed?

What to consider when you select an assisted living facility?

  • Is the facility located in a central place easy accessible
  • Does the neighborhood meets my needs?
  • I want to preserve my independence for as long as possible; does the atmosphere at the facility promote independence?
  • Upon the first encounter was the staff kind and emphatic?
  • Are the leisure activities of my taste and are there managed by professionals?
  • Do the other residents look happy and active?
  • If my health deteriorates will the facility be able to accommodate me?

When to consider transferring your relative to a nursing home?

  • The intensity and complexity of medical and supportive care cannot be provided efficiently at home
  • The usual memory lapses become more prominent, familiar persons are not recognized
  • You or your neighbor have found your relative wandering and confused in familiar surroundings
  • A possible catastrophe has been barely avoided (open gas or water)
  • The sleep pattern is so disturbed that you or the hired help are exhausted and cannot anymore provide affective care
  • Emergence of violent behavior
  • Lose of ability to swallow and control sphincters.

What do you need to consider when you select a nursing home?

  • Are the public spaces (common day room) spacious, clean and welcoming
  • Is the staff kind and emphatic
  • Is there appropriately qualified and sufficient medical and nursing staff
  • Are the other patients clean and well-groomed
  • Were all the routines and procedures been explained to you in a clear, simple manner
  • Will you have easy and immediate access to all information regarding your relative
  • Will you be part of the decision process regarding the care of your relative
  • Are there sufficient and appropriate occupational activities